The European Pond Conservation Network (EPCN) was launched in Geneva on October 30, 2004, as an issue of the 1st European Pond Workshop. Four other workshps were organised in 2006 (Toulouse), 2008 (Valencia), 2010 (Berlin) and 2012 (Luxembourg), and participated to the development of the EPCN.

The European Pond Conservation Network has now been registered as an association in Switzerland, after a general assembly held in Paris the 14th May 2009. The second general assembly was held in Berlin the 1st June 2010 and the third in Luxembourg the 4th June 2012. Under the designation of European Pond Conservation Network (EPCN), is set up a non profit-making Association in accordance with the Swiss civil law (articles 60 and following) and the present statutes: EPCN statutes (in French and English).

The EPCN’s objective is to promote conservation of ponds and their biodiversity in a changing European landscape

To reach this objective, the EPCN proposes to:

  • develop exchanges of information on pond ecology and conservation between researchers and managers.
  • promote understanding of pond ecology by encouraging the development and coordination of fundamental and applied research.
  • raise the profile of ponds and guide national and supra-national policies for their protection
  • promote effective practical pond conservation
  • disseminate information on the importance, attractiveness and conservation of ponds in Europe
  • promote the sharing of knowledge with a group of international institutions

The Committee is the executive body of the Association. It is composed of at minimum 5 members and maximum 10. Three of these members hold the following duties: President, Secretary, Treasurer.

The General Meeting takes place within the twelve months following the end of an accounting period (that is to say, all even years, 2010, 2012, 2014, etc.) and legitimately sits whatever the number of present members. The next general meeting (the forth) will be held in 2016.

At the General Meeting from Berlin (June 2010) it was unanimously agreed that from 2011 an annual membership fee would be levied for the EPCN. Income generated would then be used to support the growing administrative costs associated with the EPCN as well as providing some urgently needed secretarial support for updating the website and producing the newsletters.

For individual members a fee of 20 Euros (15 Euros for students) was agreed and a fee of 50 Euros for organisations.  Becoming a member of the EPCN will entitle you to access to all publications available on the website and you will also receive a discounted price on future EPCN conferences and seminars.

Membership application

Find information on how to join the EPCN here.