Contacts for the EPCN

Helen Greaves is the secretary of the EPCN. If you would like to contact the EPCN for any reason please use the email address below.

National Contact Points

Together, Helen and EPCN Treasurer Marlene Pätzig are leading the EPCN National Contact Point initiative.

A number of wonderful volunteers from the EPCN community have volunteered to attend quarterly meetings are endeavouring to promote the EPCN in their own countries, in between our biennial EPCN conferences. The gmail contacts are listed below, otherwise please email if you wish to become an NCP for an unrepresented country or cannot find your countries contacts professional email by web search.

Dunja Lukić Austria
Henn Timm Estonia
Aurélie HUSTÉ France
Loïc Chéreau France
Marlene Pätzig Germany
Zsofia Horvath Hungary
Csaba Vad Hungary
Simonetta Bagella Italy
Valentina Della Bella Italy
Sandro Lanfranco Malta
Tomasz Joniak Poland
Adam Brysiewicz Poland
Włodzimierz Golus Poland
Natalia Kuczyńska-Kippen Poland
Carla Pinto Cruz Portugal
Jael Palhas Portugal
Ivan Bashinskiy Russian federation
Olivera Serbia
Benedikt Schmidt Switzerland
Julie Fahy Switzerland
Hilal Turkey
Frances Orton UK (Scotland)
Helen Greaves UK (England)
Rob Briers UK (Scotland)
Katja Poboljsaj Slovenia