Third Workshop

Three Keynote Conferences

John Downing – “Little things mean a lot: the emerging role of small lakes and ponds in the global carbon cycle”

Luc Brendonck, Bram Vanschoenwinkel, Ann Hulsmans and Merlijn Jocqué – “Living on the rocks”

Mario García-Paris – “Role of Mediterranean ponds preserving high levels of genetic diversity in amphibians”

Three Topics

Temporary ponds
Pond ecology at different spatial scales
Management and conservation in practice

About 120 communications (oral or posters)

Scientists or managers have presented experiences or studies from about 20 countries (Germany, France, Spain, Iceland, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Grece, Marocco, Tunisia, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, USA, Czech Republic, Romania…)
See the full programme (download here)
List of the posters, with a link to the “pdf” versions (see the “poster” page)
Abstract book

Three small workshops

Linking pond management to scientific knowledge (see a short syntheses here: [pdf 159 Ko])
Pond management success stories
Conservation of habitats for amphibians

Two special issues of scientific journals

Hydrobiologia (issue 634; 2009) : “Pond Conservation: from Science to Practice”
Limnetica (issue 29; 2010) : “European ponds: needs for further knowledge”