The university of Girona is seeking candidates for a PhD fellow on wetland ecology

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DEADLINE: 31st March 2019 

The Limnology of Mediterranean lagoons and wetlands research team (, Research Group on Ecology of Inland Waters (GRECO) (GRECO) and Institute of Aquatic Ecology (IEA) of the University of Girona) is seeking for a student for a PhD fellow within the framework of the research project “Response to disturbances at the community and metacommunity level in shallow aquatic ecosystems”. In this project is studied the resilience of the aquatic community towards pulsatile disturbances or gradual nutrient inputs. The study will be based on microcosms field experiments, in which the effect of nutrient inputs on the structure of the aquatic community will be compared when they are pulsatile or gradual. Validations will also be carried out in natural ecosystems and in restored systems such as those included in the Life Pletera project (

Candidates should contact the research team until March 31st through or directly to Professor Xavier Quintana (, main researcher of the project.

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