SEFS9 2015: a special session on small water bodies

The 9th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences  (Geneva, 5-10th July 2015) includes a special session on small waterbodies!  This special session is organized by Mary Kelly-Quinn, Jeremy Biggs (President of EPCN), Stefanie von Fumetti, Reinhard Gerecke, Daniel Küry.  The call for Abstracts is now open (until end of January 2015).

Worldwide there is growing interest in the role of small water bodies, such as springs, headwater streams, small lakes, ponds and ditches,  in catchment ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and increasing recognition amongst regulators in both Europe and America that their protection and management are of considerable importance.  Alpine springs, for example, are special ecotones as species have to adapt to extremely low temperatures and a short growth season during summer.  Intermittent springs, which occur frequently in the Mediterranean and in karstic regions, lack hydrogeological stability.  Headwater streams support a large proportion of catchment biodiversity while small lakes and ponds contribute significantly to regional biodiversity.  All are particularly sensitive to anthropogenic inputs.  However, small water bodies in Europe have still received relatively little research attention.  This may in part relate to the fact that they do not strictly fall within the monitoring requirements of the WFD.  The purpose of this session is to draw together the expertise on small water bodies within Europe to review the scientific knowledge base, in particular their contribution to overall ecological integrity of aquatic systems, highlight threats to their physical, chemical and ecological status, and finally to identify research priorities.

More information on the symposium is available on the website:

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