EPCN Summer Seminar – Wednesday 1st June (3pm UK BST / 4pm CET)

Seminars are open to EPCN members. Membership is free and the online form can be found on www.europeanponds.org/members

We have three excellent speakers for our summer seminar.

“Now you see it, now you don’t – disappearing acts by small pools in a dry climate” 

Sandro Lanfranco (University of Malta, Malta)


“RESPiRES: A study of social and ecological resilience in urban blue-spaces”

Ian Thornhill (University of Manchester, UK)

Urban blue-spaces such as ponds, rivers, lakes and streams, are important foci for the conservation of biodiversity in cities, as well as being important providers of a range of regulatory and cultural ecosystem services. In this talk I will give a brief overview of how we assess and study ecological resilience and its relevance to ecosystem service provision. In addition, I will discuss two participatory approaches we have used in the RESPiRES project to ascertain how people value and use such blue-spaces. Some initial thoughts will be offered regarding how we might monitor and manage such social-ecological systems, and the social-ecological trade-offs within such an approach. 

The RESPiRES project website is here: www.respires.org 


“An international inventory of best-practices of pond creation /restoration and management”
Carolina Trochine (UVIC-UCC) 

Your input would be valued for this discussion as Carolina introduces a survey on ponds as Nature-based Solutions.

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