Information for Speakers

Oral Presentations: We plan to run the conference using Zoom. Plenary presentations will cover a total time of 30 minutes and it is advised that speakers talk for 25 minutes and allow 5 minutes for questions. Standard oral presentations (which are not plenary presentations) will cover a total time of 15 minutes and it is advised that speakers talk for between 10-12 minutes, allowing 3-5 minutes for questions. For simplicity, we ask all speakers to use Powerpoint for their presentations.

Poster presentations: Poster submissions are welcome. Posters will be given as pre-recorded presentations which will be available on the conference website. Posters should be one slide and ~3 minutes long, prepared using powerpoint (‘record slide show’) and should be uploaded to YouTube. The aim being to highlight the key messages of the research. Posters will be available for the entirety of the conference and promoted on Twitter by the organising committee. An example poster presentation is given here. Deadline for poster submission is 10 May 2021 and should be emailed to

Conference questions: During the oral presentations, we encourage conference participants to write any questions that they have in the Zoom chat. Following the presentations session chairs we will run a system whereby, at their own discretion, some of these questions are put to the speakers.