9th EPCN Conference – Poster Presentations

Prussian carp beats Crucian carp in struggle for existence
Johan Auwerx, Jeroen Van Wichelen & Daniel De Charleroy
Monitoring and Restoration of Aquatic Fauna, Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Dwersbos 28, 1630 Linkebeek, Belgium
johan.auwerx@inbo.be – www.inbo.be

Monitoring small shallow intradune coastal ponds by remote sensing in the Albufera of Valencia National Park (Spain)
Juan Soria

The role of small waterbodies to terrestrial bird communities
Jose Manuel Zamora

Human mediated alterations threatening central Italy temporary ponds
Michela Perrone, Livia Benedini, Massimiliano Scalici

Effects of seawater intrusion on freshwater litter decomposition
Manuela Abelho
Escola Superior Agrária, Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra

Understanding the relationship between people & their ponds: a public survey
Alice Pawlik, University of Exeter

If you live in the UK and are able to support Alice by completing her survey when it is launched, please sign up on this link

Terrestrial vegetation invading the pond basin: a clear 
evidence of pond deterioration

Carmen Díaz-Paniagua, Carmen Ramírez-Soto and David Aragonés
Doñana Biological Station-CSIC.

The complex soundscape of a freshwater pond (360 audio)
David de la Haye